what is holography and hologram?

“We call the process as holography while the plate or film that is
build in consequence of this process is called hologram.”

Holography is one of promising technique for recording & displaying  3D objects.It enables to view 3d photos in virtual reality, play 3d games, and watch 3d TV as if we are actually present in that environment.

Holography is true 3d display technology. This technology is more
popular and effective as it provide all four eye mechanism,

(1) Binocular Disparity: Is the difference between two retinal images and tells brain about depth. This difference is greater when object near to eye. E.g. hold your arm straight in front of face and focus on tip of finger, to see disparity in two images you see, look at your finger first from one eye and then from second eye, surely  you will feel difference. Repeat the same process but see arm from distance, and compare all four views u see.

(2) Motion Parallax: provide cues to difference in the distance of
various objects.E.g. you are driving car, notice objects which are nearer to u whiz by those objects that are at distance which move slowly.

(3)Accommodation: Is the process where we maintain our focus on object as it changes distance.

(4)Convergence:It is simultaneous inward movement of both eyes toward each other, usually to maintain single binocular vision (seeing an object with both eyes). E.g. Try to focus on the end of nose; you will feel strain during when u focus it, while during slow shift your muscles will feel relax.

Unlike other 3-D “pictures”, holograms provide what is called
“parallax”. Parallax allows the viewer to move back and forth, up and down, and see different perspectives, as if the object were actually there.

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  1. imram Says:

    nice collection of words about holography

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