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Google introduces 8pen app for Android 2.2 makes typing faster and easier

November 5, 2010

Nowadays keyboards are used as a main source for giving input data as it is easy and fastest method, but with small screens on smartphones, using the on screen keyboard can be difficult, to overcome this difficulty google launched it’s new application named 8pen that made typing faste
r and easier than before.

8pen is an Android OS application that replaced the standard on screen keyboard, and instead of a QWERTY, there is one dot  that responds to the user’s finger movement. It’s quite simple, since all the letters are divided into four sectors and all that you have to do is to place your finger on the middle of the screen, move your finger into a certain sector and rotate your finger around the black dot in order to toggle between available letters inside that sector. This app works great and taking good market share , and has surely made typing a lot faster and easier  with a lot less errors.


8penapp view


What is Google Goggles

November 4, 2010

Google has launched it’s new application named “Google Goggles” which enables a user to search by giving an image input , instead of giving search keyword,  that means if  anybody wants to get any data about  anything or anyplace he/she just have to take a picture using android powered device and use the taken picture for searching Google Goggle after analyzing the picture will show all data related to provided picture  just like keyword search.

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